SAP BC (​Basis Components)

Basis Components

    Customizing (BC-CUS)
    Client/Server Technology (BC-CST)
    Network Integration (BC-NET)
    ABAP Programming and Runtime Environment (BC-ABA)
    Basis Services / Communication Interfaces (BC-SRV)
    Computing Center Management System (BC-CCM)
    Upgrade - General (BC-UPG)
    Change and Transport System (BC-CTS)
    Operating System Platforms (BC-OP)
    Database Interface, Database Platforms (BC-DB)
    Frontend Services (BC-FES)
    ABAP Workbench (BC-DWB)
    Documentation and Translation Tools (BC-DOC)
    Security (BC-SEC)
    Controls and Control Framework (BC-CI)
    Business Management (BC-BMT)
    Middleware (BC-MID)
    Computer Aided Test Tool (BC-CAT)

​Catalogue ​​SAP BC

23-003,Documentation ale
23-014,Documentation bc
23-015,Documentation ca
23-016,Formation sap query
21-002,Gestion ordres de transport
23-002,Gestion des utilisateurs
32-005,LSMW - Les outils de chargement d'interface
32-007,Query - Le requeteur
21-003,Roles and Authorizations
32-008,SE11 - Dictionnaire des tables
32-008,SE16 - Data Browser