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Manage user information structures
Activate the current default date as the reference date
Affect the types of OT the types of authorized work
Affect the types of orders to the PM divisions
Assign elements to value categories
Assign parameters for the calculation of the C.R. and regul key
Assign schema partner to equipment category
Assign type priority by order type
Allow management texts multilingual by equipment category
Activity catalog
Set up the selection of areas of confirmation
Configure the scheduling parameters
Creation of codes in the Solutions Group of the activities catalog
Creating type order PM ZMA1 and ZMAP
Create code structure for technical positions
Create planning division
Create purchasing organization
Customizing define printers for work orders
Customizing define Shop paper, Forms and Out put
Define documentation of goods movements for order
Define documents work, forms and editing programs
Define the placement of facilities on technical post
Set the selection of areas for order header data _ (PM_)
Set the selection of areas for the master equipment
Set the selection of areas of work stations
Define the structure of list for the structure display
Set the default planif.par code val.par order type
Set the display of the structure of technical positions
Set the capacity planning officer
Define the type of technical positions
Define ABC codes
Set the formulas
Define groups of managers PM
Set the confirmation control settings
Define the workstation management
Define the position of travail_New officials
Identify areas of farms
Define operating segments
Define the number of equipment ranges
Define the types of notices
Define the types of technical objects
Define the types of work
Define order types
Set the printer
Define the ranges of maintenance number ranges
Define types of workstations and connect with util.gamme
Set default values for the types of positions of components
Set default values for categories of values
Define valuation variants
Manage categories of values
Manage the data codes of the opinion and order on a screen
Manage the equipment category
Manage the control key
Manage catalogs
Manage work types
Manage order types
Manage posting profiles
Manage types of order for default control keys
Managing variants of calculation of the cost of returns
Managing messages
Setting up the sequence of the workstation screens
Set masks of screens for confirmation
Set up profiles of views for technical objects
Settlement rule set date and time and distribution rule
Selection areas common positions, techniques and equipment
Synthesis of the notification type
Information systems, maintenance and customer service
Assigning categories of control to PM and DM order types
Define the number of work orders and service orders ranges