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This Navigation SAP training includes:
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Understand the structure and organization of the ERP SAP ECC
Learn how to navigate in the SAP® modules
Common objects of SAP®: transaction, document, messages

Knowledge of Windows.
Duration of course: 7 days.
Public: future SAP® users.
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1 - ERP what is it?
The features of an ERP
Advantages/disadvantages of an ERP
Examples of ERPSupports:
Enterprise Resources Planning ERP module
ERP costs

2 SAP® what is it?
History of SAP
SAP® modules
SAP®: an integrated system
The notion of principal
Connect to SAP® Supports:
Introduction_presentation of the SAP ERP
3 - navigate SAP®
GU_SAP_Mode job navigation
Prez_sap_presentation navigation
Simple PREZ_SAP_Explication of a standard customer flow in SAP
The standard SAP® menu
Use the items menu standard standardMenu
Home screen
Menu bar
The icon on the toolbar
The order of the toolbar area
The title bar
The application toolbar
The tree
The status bar
Access to a function via a transactionNotion of SAP® transaction code
Access a transaction by the tree
Access a transaction by the transaction code
Access a transaction by the curator
Access a transaction by Favorites
Where to find codes transactions?
See the transaction codes in the tree
In the applicationsLe match code data entry
Mandatory field
Display area
List box
Work areas
Various manipulations in the favorite help
Stop the execution of a transaction
Navigate from one transaction to another
Manipulations in a material master record
The database search
Customize a transaction
Move in a transaction
Customize the default values
Multiple windows or modes
Help window
End a session SAP®
Exercises and corriges4 - general principles of SAP®
Common to the various organizational entities modulesLes objects
The basic data
Messages or editing formats
The reports or States
OrganisationnellesPoints key features
Organizational structure of sales
Organizational structure of procurement
The division in a material master record
The commercial field on a customer card
BasePoints key data
Customer card
Create material master
The key transactionsPoints
Transaction creation
Change transaction
Display transaction
The key documentsPoints
Structure of a purchasing document
How to print in SAP®: the key messagesPoints
Output format
Partners for editions
Types of support
The processing of editing status
Launch an edition
Consult the printer spool
The key reportsPoints
Report on the SAP® MM purchases
Manage selection for report variants
Exercises and answer keys