General information and ERP strategies

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What is an ERP
PREZ_Qu' - what an ERP.pdf
GU_SAP_Qu' - what an ERP system with SAP ECC
GU_SAP general ECC_aperçu of what is an ERP
·         The ERP, General information and strategies
Introduction_presentation of the SAP ERP
General information and ERP strategies
·         Why ERP
PREZ_Qu' - what an ERP
·         Impacts of an ERP project
Implementation of an ERP strategy:
·         Preliminary scope of the implementation,
PREZ_L' Les peut it adapt to the rules of running my business
PREZ_Comment budget an ERP project
·         Method of choice of an ERP
PREZ_ how to choose its management software (ERP/ERP)
·         ERP project management
PREZ_Conduite of ERP project
·         Reasons for failure of ERP projects
PREZ_Les main causes of failures of ERP projects
·         Approach and implementation
PREZ_Les phases of a project of an ERP implementation and methodology of consultants
Actors, issues and risks
PREZ_Acteurs on the french market SAP services
Prez_connaitre players in the sector of the SAP
PREZ_Objectifs and challenges of an SAP project
Technical environment,
Functions and processes to be implemented,

Organizational perimeter
Organizational prez_perimetre SAP
Functional coverage
SAP functional PREZ_Couverture
GU_SAP_Systems, applications, and products for data processing
Duration of the project,
PREZ_ deployment of ERP to comb through projects
Key success factors
GU_SAP_Projets IS

Pitfalls to avoid

Organization of an ERP project:

Cost estimate,
PREZ_Implantation of an information_ERP system
Expected results and returns to the company,

Functional differences between the package and the needs,

Possible to reduce such gaps, solutions

Conditions by the company,

Results of the risk analysis

The change management
PREZ_Conduite of change of a SAP_comment project to go
Example use ERP
Sales orders GU_109_ERP606_BPD_FR_Gestion sale on stock
Sales orders GU_109_ERP606_Process_Overview_FR_Gestion sale on stock
GU_SAP_SU01 - user
GU_SAP ECC_SE16 - Data Browser
GU_SAP_Gestion and reading of a SAP table with transaction SE16
148_ERP606_BPD_FR_Fabrication to the command without the product variant configuration
148_ERP606_Process_Overview_FR_Fabrication to the command without the product variant configuration